Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 2014, Blog! Also - muffins?

I always wish that I posted here more often than I actually do, so perhaps one of my New Year's Resolutions shall be to hang more around these parts. Hello to all you readers out there (if indeed any readers there are) and I hope that you're doing well!

Blog entries are supposed to offer some keen, deep insight, huh? Some profound reflection upon the state of existence, or at least television (which is fairly synonymous with existence when you are, for instance, me)?


Well, I made blueberry muffins yesterday evening, and I'm pretty sure the best thing about being an "adult" is that I have eaten nearly all of them by myself (four remain of the original eleven, suckas!) and I just can't quite feel bad about it.

Colin Firth, you can't possibly understand!
Eating muffins nonstop is essential when a new semester looms only a few days away. As Algie from The Importance of Being Earnest says so winningly, especially when he is played by Rupert Everett (who, let's be real, just plain knows how to say things with swagger, that charming cad), "I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner, can I?"

Yep, an insightful and electrifying 2014 awaits us 'round these here blog parts.

And now I am off to finish the rest of the muffins. It's a matter of principle and Oscar Wilde at this point. If the muffins manage to exist for more than 24 hours, it means I've failed!

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