Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Writing talk!

I have officially passed my master's thesis defense, hooray! Now that my grad school career is winding down, I'm finally able to devote some substantial time to writing again, and I would also like to give some of this newfound writing time to more frequent blogging! So I figure I will do a series of posts discussing the various writing projects that I've been working on; I am dying to release something new this summer, but I'm currently caught between a handful of beloved (and, okay, horrendously neglected) projects and am not sure which to finish first.

Over the past few days, I've found my attention re-snagged by a novella I wrote last summer by the name of Damsel. It is basically an emotionally fraught fairytaley Gothic romp about a highborn young woman named Evelina who gets imprisoned in a spooky manor house as bait to lure her true love (well, "true love") to come rescue her and MEET HIS CERTAIN DOOM at the hands of the villain. And then the villain's ward Tabitha gets appointed my heroine's impromptu handmaiden, and obviously, the sparks, they fly!

And while the plot still needs tons of refining, I have to admit I really enjoy the interaction between my leading ladies. THESE BANTERY WENCHES.

Anyway: is anyone in the mood for a Gothic manor house/fairytale romp with ladyloves? I'm not really sure what the kids are into these days. Ain't no party like a Bluebeard party 'cause a Bluebeard party is all about providing the opportunity to deconstruct atrocious tropes perhaps best encapsulated in the Poe quotation "The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world"! ... wikka wikka whaaaaat. (Yep.)

An excerpt of the two heroines getting to know each other via that most sacred art form BANTER, just for funsies: